All about Koek

It’s a pleasure! Welcome to our website. This page is all about our company, who we are and why we exist.

The Koek philosophy

We are a young team with a passion for technology and creativity. Together we started our journey back in 2015. We are ambitious to live and breathe our corporate philosophy and work towards this philosophy every day. Meanwhile, we’re also a little proud on what we’ve built so far.

We based our philosophy on Simon Sinek’s theory where we always start with the “why”, also for our own company. Only after determining the why, we talk about how we do it and what it delivers. 


"We believe creativity is the main driver to create delightful experiences."

We believe that creativity is the most important driver of our company. We are always looking to create delightful experiences. A delightful experience can be "experienced" by the user of a web app we created, just by adding something extra that makes them smile. But a delightful experience can also translate into giving our clients something extra or when we celebrate something with our team.

No matter what happens, even if we are selling biscuits in ten years from now we still strive to create those delightful experiences by using our and others creativity!


"We develop user friendly and customer centric technology by co-creation and inspiring hackathons."

The how describes how we execute our why and how we create our what. We craft our amazing web apps by firstly getting to know our customer and app users thoroughly. We do this following The Koek Design Thinking process. We closely cooperate with our client and the end user in The Koek Hackathon. Within these hackathons we encourage everyone to free their mind and inspire each other to co-create.


"Creative concepts and fascinating web apps."

Together we make creative concepts and web apps that are fascinating because of the ambitious input of our developers, designers, UX and every other Koekenbakker involved in the process. What our clients get is a real business impact on a longer period of time.  


We follow this vision every day with a team of 16 colleagues and 3 advisors. Meet us!

Bart Rauh

Back-end Developer

Colin Dekkers

Front-end Developer

Erwin Sommers

Visual Designer

Ion Baaijens

Allround Developer

Jasper Ancher

CEO / Interaction Designer

Jeffrey Meulendijks

Administration Lead

Joris van Asseldonk

Product Owner

Luc Franken

UX Designer

Manon Marinussen

UX Designer

Miriam Oostdijk

Manager Operations

Neeltje van Tilburg

Social Media Designer

Robbert de Vries

Allround Developer

Stan van Dijk

Marketing Lead

Sunny Feijen

Front-end Developer

Decision Ready Board

A team of 3 boardmembers who advise our team to guide us along the way.

Bart van Gaal

Advisor Efficiency & Process

Ben van de Sande

Advisor Marketing & Branding

Jarno van Hurne

Advisor Business Strategy

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