Building block

Branding session

Session with expertise from Koek and our clients in which we seek for the right brand style and tone of voice that fits your company.

What is it?

This is a session with experts from Koek and our clients in which we look for a visual style, tone of voice and general appearance of your brand. The focus is to align this with the vision and long-term goals of your company. It's the foundation on which all online and offline expressions of your company can be developed. In addition, a branding session can serve to highlight a specific campaign or just the appearance of a web application. 


  • The needed input for a Brandbook
  • A well founded brand strategy for an online or offline campaign. 
  • Plan of action for the execution and monitoring of a possible campaign

Other building blocks

Our clients also often use

Building block

Concept hackathon

A concept hackathon delivers tangible concepts in a matter of days

Building block

MVP Validation

A product needs to have validation on it's productiveness. Does it perform as we would like it to do?

Building block


A physical book in which all your branding elements are captured which serves as a guideline for your team to increase brand consistency and efficiency.

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