Building block

Concept hackathon

A concept hackathon delivers tangible concepts in a matter of days

What is it?

The concept hackathon is a creative session in which you work towards a first concept version of your product. The experts at Koek try to find out everything about your business and users. Opportunities, possibilities and possible obstacles are sought. This information is then used to establish an initial design direction and develop a prototype or click-through model of the app. 

And the great thing is, all of this happens within 2 days!


Possible deliverables for this phase are: 

  • Proof of Concept prototypes (prototypes app),
  • a clickable prototype;
  • Visual design direction for the app;
  • User flow (Shows how an end user uses the app, it is a blueprint for the product);
  • "support pitch", a pitch that you can give internally to show the potential of the app to an investor, for example.

In fact, the added value is converting an idea into a tangible thing!

Other building blocks

Our clients also often use

Building block

MVP Validation

A product needs to have validation on it's productiveness. Does it perform as we would like it to do?

Building block

Discovery Session

Session with expertise from Koek and the customer in which the required questions are asked that are not yet answered, the real question and pain will be the main goal to identify.

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