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MVP Validation

What is it?

MVP validation consists of one or more sessions in which the already built MVP is tested with the help of stakeholders for effectiveness, user-friendliness and business value. Our expertscollect as much information as possible about your MVP together with you and other stakeholders.

Opportunities, possibilities and possible obstacles are looked at. This information is then used to create valuable insights on how to take next steps in the development of the application.

Common deliverables

  • Plan of action;
  • A report with the results of the MVP validation session (s);
  • Recommendations for the next development steps of your product.
What is a Minimum Viable Product or MVP?

We believe in developing in fast pace. This way we can launch a product quickly to start collecting user data (that we can then use to improve). A Minimum Viable Product is such a product. It has to have the required "minimum" quality standard but can still be put live very quickly.

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