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21 Casino


To develop a fascinating high end online casino for the experienced players in the world of iGamining.


A web app that deeply engages the needs of the more experienced players who have seen it all.

21 Casino is one of the five iGaming products we developed for our client Branders Ltd. A small summary of our journey with Branders to a complete up and running online casino.  

21 Casino is a high class, regal casino that is made for the experienced player to still get the thrill of gambling. The overall feeling is a professional, high class casino for the frequent “power users”. The real life images used in the web app makes the style more appealing to this player group.  

We started this project like we do with all of our projects for Branders. A hackathon to fully think through the strategy for this online casino. First of all, we used inspirational exercises for the brand development and to discover the needs of the end users. We believe when you thoroughly know the users of the app, you can come up with the best possible product. The designs and user flow were created so the technical development could start.  

Continuous development

The needs and behavior of users change every day. That’s why we use Continuous Development to keep up with these changes. Years after the development of the MVP we are still optimizing the web app. Continuous research, user experience improvements and other ways to make the users more comfortable with the web app are needed to deliver the best product in the market.  

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