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Develop a scalable branding proposition and optimizing the players online gaming experience.


Five fascinating online casinos. Each casino has a different player base which makes every casino unique.

Together with our client Branders we redesigned and rebranded Slot Planet, Fruity Casa, 21 Casino, Casilando and Play Grand Casino. Next, we developed a framework on which all five brands are built. With fascinating web apps as a result. Curious how we did this? Read more about the proces.

Hackathon time!

For all five brands we traveled to Malta with a part of our team to have a hackathon week together with our client. The four steps in all of these hackathon were:

Strategic concept

We start with thinking through the strategic concept behind an app or website. Here we thoroughly discussed the needs of the target group, what they like and how we can serve them in the best possible way. 

User Experience Design

In the meantime we think about how we make the app user friendly and accessible. We create wireframes and the walk through of the app. Besides that, we translate the branding proposition to an online experience tailor-made for the target audience. 

Redesign and rebranding

This is all about creating a tone of voice, and a fitting visual identity for the casino. When the UX-guys have the flow of the app ready and all the screens thought out, the designers start adding paint to them.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a fast paced (mostly 2 day) session in which we work towards a specific goal with a group of professionals. We always ask our clients to actively take part. By using smart brainstorming methods and designing tools, we can go from idea to prototype in a matter of days. 

One casino framework

After the first hackathon we brought together the visual designs and wireframes for Slot Planet. Now we can finally start making the first casino work!

With the future development of another 4 brands in mind developed a custom made framework for all five Branders’ casinos. The idea behind this is to make research and development centralised and thus faster. This makes it possible to develop in a fast paced way with high quality. 

Now we could easily develop all five brands using the framework as the foundation. Every single optimisation or update of the framework benefits each of the 5 casino’s at once. Something you might need in a rapidly changing iGaming market.

Continuous Development

Something that we think is mandatory for success is continuous development. We believe that after making the apps the actual work really starts. We can now really emerge ourselves into the users of the casinos, to make the app even more user friendly and fitting. How?

Data analysis and user testing

What are the player tendencies, where do they struggle to find their favourite game, which received messages do they value, or were in their login screen can they be served even better? Just three of the hundreds of cases we work on every day!

This is where real value an impact are realised because we look through the eyes of the end-user. No way they will ever choose another casino!

What is data-informed design?

We gather a lot of data from users by using several smart tools. We use this data to draw conclusions on how to improve certain aspects of our web apps to increase user experience.

The key ingredients for success

  • Collaboration with the client on location (to start with a solid foundation).
  • Empathy: trust each other in the process and understand the end-user.
  • Thinking proactive and being creative!

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