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Keywe (EN)


Innovative learning during work.


An interactive learning platform that allows one to work on personal development while at work.

During a hackathon with KeyWe we defined what is most important for their platform. From this point we start building a minimum viable product. This product contains the minimum requirements to make the app meet its potential.

The Koek team is using the KeyWe App in the meantime during training and work. We became our own testing group. This results in a lot of valuable insights that we can apply into the development of the learning platform and continuously make the User Experience better. Applying these insights into the platform leads to the best possible results for the user experience.

Combine learning and working was the driving factor behind the app for KeyWe. The web app can be used to work on personal development while at work in an interactive way.  Within the web app users can see tasks that they can execute while at work. After completing a task it can be ticked off within the app.

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