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To develop a compelling web app that is appealing to anyone. For the young and old who love the candies of Napoleon


A fascinating web app that meets the needs and wishes of the young and old and is loved by anyone!

You know them, right? Those little bullets from Napoleon, the tastiest candy in the Netherlands!

For Napoleon we created a new web app using the ideal Koek method and the result is there.

Strategic session

To set the right goals for a web app, we started a strategic session with Napoleon. Through various inspirational exercises and theories such as the Golden Circle of Sinek.

Web app development

Through the session we came up with different keywords for the web app. “Great for everyone!” has become the main credo. Subsequently, the website was set up from the base up for the keywords: conscious enjoyment, sharing / sharing and tradition.

Next up:

Napoleon is one of the products of pervasco. Next up: the brand site of Anta Flu!

Check live site!

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