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Revino (EN)


A place to connect authentic wine growers with wine buyers from all over the world. 


A revolutionary online wine platform created in a backyard located in the center of the Belgian Ardennes.

A backyard in the Belgian Ardennes?

Yes! Literally. Bas en Nathalie, the founders of the platform had this dream for years and gave us the opportunity to live and work in their backyard for two weeks, to create this platform from scratch. We strongly believe in collaborating closely with our clients to get a good feel of the purpose, the idea, the market and the target audience quickly, something that is mandatory to create a unique brand, an appealing campaign and a matching web app.

Experiencing a discovery session, hackathon and the development in the open and fresh Ardennes gave us just that little extra spirit to get the maximum out of these 2 weeks. Some coffee, internet and our laptops is all we need. So eh, hackathon on Mars soon, Elon Musk?

We are proud to present the result of this exciting challenge. Have a look at our video and get a feel of how this kind of “open air creation” does the trick.


The most important deliverables for this trip are the result of our core building blocks.

A revino Brandbook and brand video.

We actually cannot imagine developing great online products without developing a brandbook first. This strong and authentic guideline makes things so efficient, consistent and easy. Wondering what a Brandbook looks like? Check it out here.

Great designs

Well basically, making great visual designs for the web app is the next step after creating a brand book. We like to think about it this way: a great design gives users that unconscious feeling of connection to your brand. It feels trustworthy and provides a lot of ‘sticky’ power.

Well thought out go-to-market strategy. 

The platform serves to connect authentic wine growers with wine buyers from all over the world. Well, these growers and traders have to join our platform first, right? That’s why we’ve created a marketing and sales campaign that stimulates the perfect customer journey for the onboarding of new members. 

A fascinating web app. 

The thing we love the most: creating that fascinating web app. In the end it is all about a great and delightful product. This is where our UX-designers and developers collaborated to create the perfect web application that makes it easy and attractive for members to register, create a profile, discover and connect with each other using the Revino platform. 

Wonder how this works? Check the app here.


How we did it

We used our well known methods for tackling this challenge. So to come to these deliverables quickly but also qualitatively, we did a discovery session and a hackathon. All of this in just two weeks!

Discovery session

Before you start developing a perfect online product, you want to define common goals and determine when the project is a success. We do this with Key Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators. Also, some serious questions and challenges about the initial idea will be tackled here. There is always a lot you haven’t thought about yet!

The hackathon

Where the magic happens. This where the final product and brand is actually being “founded”. We use creative techniques to come up with a fitting name, colours, tone of voice and identity for the brand, based on which our designers start sketching the first screens. In the meantime, our UX-designers and strategist think about the business model, marketing strategy and the structure of the eventual web app. 

Design sprint

Next up: the design sprint. All of the gathered deliverables from the hackathon will be put into one logical product. UX-designers create a Design system with our developers after which the developers start developing the eventual product work.

And then, those two weeks have flown by and there it is… www.revino.app

We call it an MVP, a minimum viable product. Not all details are taken into account, but the product does what it needs to do; connecting winegrowers and buyers in a well-crafted application.

Continuous development

Revino is a typical Continuous Development project. Once the MVP is launched, the ‘real’ work starts. Here are some of the next steps and product iterations:

  • Marketing activities to create exposure and gather new members for the platform.
  • Research regarding first time behaviour of users.
  • Improvements based on first findings of the working product.
  • Add new features that help the product reach it’s goals.

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