Payrolling software

Wadium (EN)


Develop a userfriendly - modern interface for payrolling software.


An MVP which is easy to use and has a modern feeling. On top of that, the app can be used by multinationals which makes it very unique.


Together with Wadium, we’ve made a concept that was eventually worked out as an MVP. The product had to contain a couple of must-haves. It had to feel modern and intuitive and also it shouldn’t feel like standard corporate software. 

The final product is a user-friendly payrolling app that has a modern feel and is definitely not a ‘standard software app’ as they say... The app distinguishes itself because it can be used by multinationals. The app supports international payrolling, so an international organization can do all its payrolling in one location. We started with a hackathon and the next step was designing and prototyping. 

We immersed ourselves in the complex world of administrative work to get a basic understanding. With this in mind, we started the design process. We used our UX masters for the usability of the app. Wadium is one of our first customers where we’ve made completely extensive versions of prototypes. After a couple of iterations and reviews about the look and feel we came up with a concept and started developing the app.

Next step? Showing demos to potential customers and developing continuously.  

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