Scrum à la Koek

New month new blog! This time it’s from Tom, one of our developers. Tom explains how we identify the real problem of our clients and how we use the Scrum method to serve our clients best.

Three years ago I started working at Koek, this was the first time I got into the Scrum method. As I am, I was a bit hesitant in the beginning. Nevertheless, the benefits quickly became clear. Now I don’t want anything else while there is still much to improve. In the beginning we were constantly looking for the right implementation until we followed a training course about Scrum. Instead of sprints of two, three or five days, which we had tried, we went to a two week during sprint. The roles of the team were more clear and better adjusted. A few years later we are many steps further and we can manage our clients very well in this process.

Benefits for us and our clients

For me as a developer Scrum has several advantages: I can make the planning myself with my team, we develop products in iterations and we only build what we really need. And then the best thing, as we always do it at Koek: together with our clients. If the client is really open to this, which means giving and receiving input, we will come up with better solutions. This makes my work at Koek very nice and always surprising. 

What a customer wants he gets..

From my perspective (technical perspective) I try to listen carefully to what a customer wants. Then I don’t immediately come up with a technical solution but I try to expose what the client really needs. By listening carefully, we can add ideas or change entire solutions that might be much more valuable to the client. When the real problem becomes clear, we will brainstorm about a suitable solution together. 

“What a customer wants he gets not”. It must be said that this is certainly not always an easy way to go. Listening well and good communication aren’t always easy. Yet we often see that this is the case: the actual problem is way different than the client came up with in first instance. We always look for this exact problem together with the client. I think we are well on the way and of course we continue to develop in this area.

Scrum à la Koek

An intensive process for both Koek and the client. This brings us to better and more targeted end products. This is why we believe in Scrum at Koek.