Where we believe in

Design thinking: "Start from the user's experience and work your way back to technology" (Steve Jobs, 2013). We have been to the place where this philosophy was born, Harvard D.school in Silicon Valley, to understand where it came from and why it will make a big difference in how we as designers view problems. 

The Holy Trinity: Because we believe that problems are best solved when different experts and specialists collaborate. The holy trinity is necessary to make a product and a story work. Therefore we work as a close team with the end-user, your company and Koek.

Products are never finished: What works today won’t work tomorrow. Our solution for this is to work with continuous development, where we keep improving your product over a longer period of time.

Improving ourselves As a team we have agreed to continuously work on our own skills as well as our skill as a team to work in an agile environment.

Progressive Web Apps:We are building fascinating progressive web apps every day. We believe PWA's are the future of user friendly experiences. But what are these so called PWA's? Find out on our Progressive Web App page.

How we do it

The Koek Design Thinking process: With our user-centered approach we are constantly analyzing, testing and redesigning our work to map our clients and users needs. This is an ongoing process because these needs change over time. We empathize with your end-user and through rapid prototyping. Koek is proactive when it comes to this process. We analyse and observe your end-user to understand what the next steps of your product can be and propose those ideas to you.

The Koek Hackathon: Our unique Koek Workshop is the biggest example of how we stimulate co-creation and creativity. We get together with clients, experts and end-users in a multiple day brainstorm workshop. In this workshop we collaborate and brainstorm about new opportunities and possibilities. As Koek we enable creativity and drive tangible deliverables for the clients business within just a few days.

Read more about our hackathons.

PGX: The PGX framework allows us to prototype and develop in rapid fashion. (Crucial to the design thinking philosophy). PGX is a toolbox that contains proven design decisions, technologies and processes. This ensures that we don't reinvent the wheel with every product but use the framework to re-use proven components. If your product is based on the PGX framework, you will benefit of new technologies and knowledge we acquire along the way.

Our expertises

UX;Because your end-user's experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Visual Design:Because we create stunning designs

Front-end:Because we love new technologies and use this to create engaging products

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