A creative head start of the project

Creativity and energy

We believe everyone can be creative. Through our experience and creativity we are able to create energetic sessions. We believe creativity is one of the main drivers to make a hackathon successful. 

Understanding your "world"

This is one of the main goals in a hackathon. This means that you get to know everything about your company, the target group and the business domain.

In 2 days

We combine different expertises to analyze your problem and find important insights. We devise concepts, design and explore future opportunities for your product / brand. 

What is a Koek hackathon?

"How do I ensure that my customer doesn’t drop out too quickly during the payment process?" Or "Which visual design fits best with my target group?" "How do I increase the conversion of my webshop?" These are questions that we want to answer during a Koek hackathon. Our hackathons are designed in a creative and effective way. Within 24 hours we come up with a solution or concept regarding a theme or problem within your digital product. An organized workshop that ensures to make big steps quickly, because you are sitting at the table and can immediately clarify any question we have. 

The hackathon consists of two days where day 1 is all about creativity. We got various exercises to be done to get to know the company and end user better. Together we determine the direction of the hackathon. It’s an experience you can’t miss! 

 Day 2 is devoted for development and bringing ideas into practice. Concepts and designs are developed here. In the end we present a concept for your web app and we discuss the plans for implementing the app.