The era of progressive web apps 

No more downloads, no more expanding your smartphones memory storage anymore. One place to keep track of all your online activities at once. Wouldn’t that be great? Koek already developed the future of the ultimate online experience: Progressive Web Apps. From the moment we started Koek we believe that Progressive Web Apps are the future. The one and only solution for making today's technology accessible and user friendly for everyone.

The five biggest tech companies are already pushing developers to use this new technology. But what is it exactly?

What are PWA's?

PWA's are web apps that are "live" on the internet with the same capabilities and user experience as an regular (native) app you download from an app store. You can access them via each browser of each device and they don't have to be downloaded. This is a huge difference, because the threshold for using it is many times lower than with an traditional app you have to download from a store.

Another advantage with the app is you have to development just one code that can be used for all devices. In comparison to native apps, where each app has to be developed and maintained separately for PC, Android and Iphone. This is great for the user of the app, because the app has the same functionalities on different devices. On top of that, it makes a big difference for your wallet!

The benefits, an overview.

  • No need to install an app. Everything can be accessed directly through the browser of your phone, tablet or computer.
  • One place for development. It’s no longer necessary to develop a separate app for each platform. Something which has a big influence on the consistency, performance and the development costs of the product. 
  • User experience. You offer a user experience people are used to from native apps.
  • Speed of use. A PWA is many times faster than a traditional website or web app.
  • Speed of development. The app doesn't depend on app stores and therefore doesn't have to be reviewed by Google or Apple. This speeds up the development. But if you really want to it’s also possible to add your PWA to an app store in the near future.
  • Easy to find. PWA's can be found by Google, something that isn’t possible for apps in the app store. It's therefore easier to find for the app user. 
  • Similar functions. Popular functions of native apps (adding to home screen, using sensors and cameras, push notifications etc) are also available for PWA's. 


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