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Now let’s go! Both concept and designs are crystal clear for our developers and they can’t wait to make everything work in an MVP. MVP stands for minimum viable product, a reliable base to launch rather quickly and that will be improved on first users behaviour. An MVP approach suits perfectly in our current transforming digital world.

What is a Minimum Viable Product or MVP?

We believe in developing in fast pace. This way we can launch a product quickly to start collecting user data (that we can then use to improve). A Minimum Viable Product is such a product. It has to have the required "minimum" quality standard but can still be put live very quickly.

Next step is to test your product thoroughly, making sure it works smoothly and there are no bumps or bugs left. After this, it is time to put it online and celebrate (we suggest: have a drink or two)!

Done, right!? Nope, sorry, we’re not. In fact, now the real fun starts with validating the MVP. Does it work the way we want it to work? How’s the feedback? Time to iterate and improve!

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Building block

MVP Validation

A product needs to have validation on it's productiveness. Does it perform as we would like it to do?

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