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A smart and authentic strategy is fundamental if you want to develop a future proof (digital) concept. No really, this is the most important part of the process! 

Determining strategy

You’ve defined the actual problem and goals in the discovery phase. Now the next important question must be addressed: how do we get there? This is where our joined creative and rational minds come together to determine a well balanced product strategy to build upon. 


Right from the start, concept hackathons were at the heart of our business. And today, this is still one of the most inspiring and exciting parts of our process. As our experienced strategist Ben likes to quote: “this is where the magic happens”.

This process is done within days, not weeks or months. Rapid pace is what we love and makes us perform at our best. Our favorite method for this? Hackathons! 

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Building block

Concept hackathon

A concept hackathon delivers tangible concepts in a matter of days

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