iGaming experience expert

With over 5 years experience in the iGaming industry, we know the game and understand the players.

Are you looking for new opportunities to drive conversion and retention goals? Our iGaming experts know how to gather relevant user insights and turn them into better online casinos. Day in day out, we are monitoring trends in user behaviour which makes it possible to design and develop digital solutions to the absolute optimum. 

In order to create great experiences, we continuously and proactively stay in touch - or as we call it “empathize” - with users. Here’s how we do this:

Empathise with your players
How to get to know your customers better than meeting them? We invite users to test your products, share their experiences when using them and absorb their ideas and desires.

Collect useful data
With a lot of users comes a lot of data. And by processing this data we discover a lot of valuable trends and insights. By using smart tools to analyze on-site behaviour, it’s almost becomes easy to make customers more loyal to your brand!

The holy grail
Our core expertise is user experience design and we develop progressive web apps. In practice, these “PWA’s” don’t differ that much from ‘normal’ websites on first sight. But PWA’s make it easier and more fun for players to play! We love to tell you more about the advantages. 

For example, have a look at the data on the right -->

So are you actively monitoring user behaviour? Are you inviting them to share their experiences and use these insights to build long term relationships and improve loyalty? Are your really focussing on the most important KPI’s and a progressive roadmap towards them? 

Most companies within the iGaming industry do some sort of these activities but don’t prioritize them in the right way. And by doing it a bit, you won’t make a difference. You need to go all in and we are happy to help you with that. Continuously and proactively empathizing with users is the best way to discover the trends of tomorrow, the next months and the next years!

Interested in our work and curious about how to improve conversion and retention rates for your iGaming business? Schedule a call with one of our experts, we’d love to hear your story and show you more! Just fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.