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User Experience Design

UX is an abbreviation of User Experience. A UX designer is a specialist in creating the best experience of products for its users. A UX designer researches user needs, proposes improvements for the product based on these needs and validates these improvements. As long as a user is happy using a product, the UX designer is doing a good job. 

User Experience designers are useful in every phase of the Koek process. For example in the Discovery phase. A good UX designer is a must have asset when you want to design a future proof digital product.

Front-end Development

To create the fascinating web apps we developed a framework which makes it possible to develop in rapid fashion. When your app is based on this framework you will benefit from every new technology or functionality that we add to the framework.

Visual Design

First step is to create a fascinating design for the app. Based on the choices that are made during the hackathon, it is our designers’ turn to make some good looking screens. This is where you get the first feel about what your app is going to look like eventually!

Brand strategy

To determine a deliberate and well-thought out brand strategy, it is important to gather the right expertises. In a branding hackathon we determine the strategy after which we need to find structure and consistency in execution. We do this by developing a brandbook. You can download our  here.

Data-informed Design

Users on your web app means collecting data. To not only make decisions about how we design our products based on experience and gut feel, we inform ourselves by the data we collect about users. For example, we use smart tools to identify how users behave, so we can make the use of products even more convenient for them.

Web apps & Websites.

The major part of the products we design and develop are progressive web applications. 70% of our clients didn’t know they wanted a web app instead of a website! Basically, the distinction between the two is relative. Read more about the difference between web apps and websites here.

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