Our services and how we work

Learn everything about our unique Design Thinking method that we use to deeply engage clients and their audiences.

Our method

Design Thinking Process

With our user-centered approach we are constantly analyzing, testing and redesigning our work to map our clients and users needs. This is an ongoing process because these needs change over time. We empathize with your end-user and through rapid prototyping. Koek is proactive when it comes to this process. We analyse and observe your end-user to understand what the next steps of your product can be and propose those ideas to you. 

The Koek hackathon

Our unique hackathon is the best example of how we stimulate co-creation and creativity. Together with our client and other experts to have a one or two day brainstorm. In this session we work together and brainstorm about opportunities and possibilities. Koek makes sure that creativity will be unleashed and that we have tangible deliverables for our clients within a couple of days. 

Minimum Viable Product

When working towards an app, we believe in starting small and getting the app into the hands of users as quickly as possible. This is the purpose of a minimum viable product. This way we see what users really need and use this feedback to continuously improve the product. This is where the continuous development process starts.

Continuous development 

What works today won’t work tomorrow. Our solution for this is to work in continuous development, where we keep improving your product over a longer period of time. These improvements are based on the user's wishes, the business needs and our expertise and knowledge of online apps. We determine priorities together with input of the client and base these on data we accumulate while monitoring the products.

Our Services 


We always start by thinking through the strategy behind your app. Who is your target audience, what do they like and how does your business model fit to that? Based on this information we form a branding strategy, including tone of voice and a visual style. Most of this is done during the hackathon. 


First step is to create a fascinating design for the app. Based on the choices that are made during the hackathon, it is our designers’ turn to make some good looking screens. This is where you get the first feel about what your app is going to look like eventually!

User experience

In the meantime our UX team is busy thinking through the flow of the web app. Making the app user friendly and fitting for the target group is their main goal. The result? Your users find directly what they came for. Besides, it improves the findability and recognizability of your company online. 


To create the fascinating web apps we developed a framework which makes it possible to develop in rapid fashion. When your app is based on this framework you will benefit from every new technology or functionality that we add to the framework.

Creating impact

At the end, all we want is positive change for your business. Your web app is finally working! Now we want to know what works and what doesn’t for your site. Data-analysis and funneling of the customer journey gives us insights which parts have the most potential for further improvements.

Your strategic partner

We are not experts in every field. As soon as we need a specialization that we are not the very best at, we use our network to assist. For this reason we have partners in the field of SEO, SEA, content marketing and branding. 

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