2019-09-25 | Robert van Hees

UX and SEO, the perfect match (EN)

What I see a lot in practice 

There is a good reason to create a new website. For example, due to the start of your new business or because your existing site no longer satisfies. In both cases you will most likely go to your website builder and / or web designer. At that moment you enter a process and after a while the new website can be proudly launched. 

After the launch, two scenarios are possible: You wait quietly and after a while you notice that the website converts better but does not attract more visitors. A missed opportunity! After all, increasing your visitor flow counts directly in that increased conversion rate of your website. Time to engage a (SEO) specialist who will ensure more visitors come to that fantastic website. After launch, you will continue to take action. You get started with online marketing, or more specifically SEO, to get your target audience towards the website. You contact a specialist who will help you and he will get started for you. This provides advice for various changes to the website. It often happens that this results in (extra) work for other specialists (designers and developers). This scenario often works better than the first but is not yet optimal. 

The moment one of the above scenarios is chosen, an analysis will first take place. Specific steps can be taken from this analysis: Improve the technical basis of the website. Adjusting the designs. Technical realization of the adapted designs.

How do I ensure that this runs smoothly? 

By having multiple disciplines work together at the start of the process. As an SEO specialist I like being involved during the development process of a new site. In cooperation with the designers and developers, we can create a very good basis. As an SEO specialist, I deal with totally different questions than designers and developers. Think of questions such as: What is the search behavior of the target group? What are the most visited pages from Google in the current site? What about the technical basis of the current site? Has the site, url and navigation structure been set up properly? Is the website suitable for mobile? Which page / search terms lead to conversions? What is the bouncerate on the site? How are we going to ensure that there is enough text on the pages without the visitor dropping out? How would customers like to contact you? How are the conversions currently taking place?

Functionality or aesthetics? 

Just like me, designers have their own questions. By sitting together at an early stage, we achieve good results at launch. A website that not only looks visually beautiful and works easily, but that also gets a boost in visitor numbers. That is also the reason that I enjoy working with Koek. In collaboration with UX, visual designers and front-end developers, I pick up processes. We do this with the help of hackathons / workshops.

About me 

Hi, I'm Robert, owner of 1-internetmarketing and active as a freelance SEO specialist! I have been actively involved with SEO since 2006 and since 2010 as a freelance SEO specialist. Over the years, I have been able to contribute to various websites and web shops based on an SEO role. From large companies such as Yarden, Marktplaats, T Mobile, Regardz, Holland Events Group, Maxima Medical Center and Interpolis to lesser known but certainly no less ambitious companies.

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