This is us

Corporate philosophy

Our philosophy defines us. It represents our purpose, why we exist and get out of bed every morning. All Koekenbakkers are committed to this philosophy. It’s in our DNA. We feel it, think it and act accordingly. We simply live and breathe it.

We’ve used Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle theory to define our Why-How-What, which encourages us to create an inspiring brand experience based on trust, freedom, responsibility, teamspirit and loyalty. 

So, if you believe what we believe, you’re invited to join our fascinating journey!

Why we exist: We believe creativity is the main driver to create delightful experiences.

How we do it: We develop user friendly and customer centric technology by co-creation and inspiring hackathons. 

What we deliver: Creative concepts and fascinating web apps

Our mentality

As creative digital natives, we are really passionate about inventing mind blowing concepts and fascinating solutions, sharing inspiring stories along the way. Good for us… But in the end, it all comes down to how you deliver. To put your money where your mouth is. Here’s how we do this:

We empower

We believe in progress, in moving forward. In steady evolution and disruptive revolution. That’s why we support and facilitate chasing dreams, developing talents and skills, tackling challenges and accomplishing goals. Because we know that by serving others, we serve ourselves.

We empathise 

We listen, digest, adopt and learn by keeping an open mind to different thoughts and alternative approaches. By putting ourselves in another man’s shoes, we value divergent views on today’s reality and future perspectives. But we can’t be bought and will always stay true to our Dutch roots, our creative nature and our core values.

We humanise 

We are humans, not computers, and prefer to build long term relationships. Therefore we not only behave as humans, it’s also our way of doing business. Based on trust, mutual respect, fair play, friendliness and loyalty. With a generous shot of humor and fun.

We simplify 

Experts tend to make things complex, because complexity underlines their knowledge and experience. We don’t. For sure, our right brain creatives will come up with mind blowing innovative ideas to reach for the stars and conquer the world, but will always translate these into tangible and feasible solutions. Same goes for our witty digital natives. 

We deliver 

We are not cocky, but confident about our talents and expertise. Also in the way we handle things. Over the last years, our agile getting-things-done-mentality has resulted in a track record we’re proud of. This legacy strengthens our faith when it comes down to keeping promises, proving value and delivering the good stuff. 

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