The team

This is us

Hello there!

Our team contains a variety of different characters, to say the least. We’ve got the funny, the dreamy, the nerdy, the talky, the bitchy and the laid back, all in one basket. For us, this extraordinary mix is everything a well oiled team needs. Meet them here.

Back-end developer

Bart Rauh

Front-end developer

Colin Dekkers

Visual designer

Erwin Sommers

Intern branding

Hidde van Dongen

Allround developer

Ion Baaijens

The end boss

Jasper Ancher

Finance lead

Jeffrey Meulendijks

Product Owner

Joris van Asseldonk

Team lead / UX

Luc Franken

UX designer

Manon Marinussen

Manager operations

Miriam Oostdijk

Social media designer

Neeltje van Tilburg

Allround developer

Robbert de Vries


Emre Cetinkol

Marketing lead

Stan van Dijk

Front-end developer

Sunny Feijen


Anna van Eeden

Intern visual design

Tolga Golbasi

Decision Ready Board

A team of 3 musketeers who advise our team to guide us along the way.

Advisor Efficiency

Bart van Gaal

Advisor Brand Strategy

Ben van de Sande

Advisor Strategy

Jarno van Hurne